Stevie Armstrong

The foundation of Stevie’s training and coaching is about optimizing lifestyle and performance. This is achieved by focusing on strength, athleticism, movement and wellness – something he is extremely passionate about.

He holds numerous qualifications within the industry including studying exercise science, sports performance and a biomechanics specialization.

Stevie also coaches boxing (fitness, technique) as well as being a competitor in the ring and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.


“Performance Training is not just about coming in and doing a quick stint of exercise and leaving. It’s about creating a culture where people use physical training as a tool to enhance performance in all areas of life. Weight loss and weight maintenance is a big part of the program of course but overall fit, strong, healthy and happy bodies is the goal. “

To learn more about Stevie as a Trainer and Coach, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram, or make an enquiry through our website.

Phone: 0475 409 850

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